Clinical Trials and Research

Clinical Trials and Research



Director’s Greeting


KOMIYAMA Nobuyuki,
Director, Research Center
When St. Luke’s International Hospital was integrated as an affiliated institute of St. Luke’s International University in 2014, the Research Center took its present new shape to enhance the quality of “education” and “research” among all medical workers and to contribute to the training of highly skilled medical workers and the advancement of medicine in general.

The primary purpose of all medical professions is to support the well-being of patients by recovering/maintaining their health. Since ancient times, it has been said that “Medicine is a benevolent art,” but it should be firmly based on scientific facts, and medical practitioners should continually nurture a scientifically inquiring mind. This Center supports research of solutions to issues that occur in daily clinical practice, and that should always be passed on to the benefit of the patient. “Clinical trials,” which are conducted to verify the efficacy of new drugs or treatment methods should be performed at advanced medical institutions by medical staff who are well grounded in scientific method. The fact that an institution is commissioned to conduct “clinical trials” indicates trust in the quality of the medical services it provides.

To support research by medical practitioners and faculty/students of this university, the Center has three administrative departments, namely, the Research Planning Management Office (which provides training and consultations on clinical studies, while serving as the secretariat of the Research Ethics Committee and of the Research-related Conflicts of Interest Management Committee), Research Management (which provides appropriate management of clinical trials and support of researchers, while serving as the secretariat for the Trial Review Committee), and the Research Office (which provides support when applying for public research funds etc., and is responsible for accounting of research grants and document management).

The Center also includes the Collaborative Research Laboratory, which is intended to develop frontline medicine, therefore its facilities are used for the conduct of basic research into solutions for problems encountered in clinical medicine, while it also supports translational research, which is necessary to apply the results of basic research to clinical practice.

The PCC Research Development Department, another division of this Center, is involved in research intended to realize the concept of “Nursing aimed at health creation among citizens as the main players, without the historical boundaries set for the roles of medical professionals and patients,” which we call “People-centered Care.” As part of its activities, St. Luke’s Health Navigation Service Spot and Nurse Clinic were established, and to develop this concept on a global scale, it is also active as a designated World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center.
The above-mentioned five departments support all research activities of St. Luke’s International University and Hospital. Thank you for your interest in the activities of the Research Center and your support. Please watch our progress!